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Reviewed in Australia on 4 October 2019
These headphones are optimised for voice and hearing footsteps/other game sounds, not premium sound quality. You can tune the EQ in the software but it's still lacking a little in bass.

They're incredibly comfortable for most people with the self-adjusting strap, but aren't the best for larger heads. The self-adjusting strap was one of the main selling points for me, and I couldn't go back to a standard click-adjusting band. Range is very good, I can go halfway across my house without it dropping out. It may reach further but I haven't tried. I like the retracting microphone, but like the headphones it is tuned for clear voice transmission and not optimum quality. The auto off timer helps save your battery if you forget to turn it off, however it doesn't alert you when that happens, so sometimes I'll be reading in silence for a while, go to put on some music and wonder why there's no audio.

My only real gripe is the game/voice balance wheel on the right ear cup. It's very easy to accidentally knock and you'll be left wondering why your game or people in voice chat are so quiet. Thankfully it soft clicks to tell you when it's centred and is a genuinely useful feature when you're intentionally using it. Just something to keep in mind.

Overall great wireless headset with a few minor flaws that aren't enough to ruin the experience.
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