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Reviewed in Australia on 10 August 2020
Basically, the doorbell works fine, the motion detection works fine. That's about where it ends. Audio quality in both directions is awful - not usable. Motion detection has to log onto our LAN then notify me via my phone or computer - that takes long enough for the event to be long past by the time I get the notification. But the killer, for me, is that you can't even record the video to your own computer or NAS - you have to pay a monthly subscription to Ring and it's PER DEVICE!! We have two doorbell units and two chime units. It's dearer than Netflix! That is a pure ripoff and almost a scam. The first 30 days, you get a notification, and you can see what just happened. After 30 days, it turns back into a dumb doorbell, as no recordings of events happen once your free 30-day "trial" period ends. Not even to our own network storage. I would NOT recommend this system to anybody. It has potential, but the scam to get you to pay monthly subscriptions is despicable. Stick to other brands that let you record events to your own network attached storage or computer.
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