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Reviewed in Australia on 19 August 2020
The Oculus Quest has given me an incredible glimpse into the future of art, gaming and entertainment, the technology is utterly amazing. The look and feel of the product is good but where it really falls down for me is that it's very heavy and pretty uncomfortable to wear (feedback from all my family) which takes away from the virtual experience. I have ordered all the after market kit to make it more comfortable, have watched all the vids on strap adjustment etc but still end up with a sore head. Also find my eyes feel quite strained after use and out of sorts after use - I guess when you can see things in the distance but in reality they are only 2 cm's away. Just finished reading the Steve Jobs biography and I am sure if this had been part of the Apple suit he would have said 'Make it lighter, make it smaller, make it more comfortable, make it better!!!'. I guess this is like when TVs first came out - it will only keep getting better form here on in.
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4.7 out of 5
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