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Reviewed in Australia on 19 November 2020
I was initially worried about the shortcuts taken to release a headset at this price, but the Quest 2 has exceeded almost all my expectations. I had no trouble with my main concern, the limited IPD adjustment, and even the headstrap (which I'd been prepared to upgrade immediately).
The roughly 2 hour battery life (stand alone) is about as long as I'm likely to spend in a single sitting, although it'd be nice if there was some form of fast charge available. Charge times longer than battery life seems a bit out of place on a modern device.
Tracking is excellent, and the standalone performance really is amazing for a mobile platform. That said the hand tracking is definitely nowhere near as fast or precise as the controllers, so hopefully that continues to be developed.
The increased resolution leaves none of the "screen door effect" of earlier VR, and as long as there's gamma adjustment I don't have an issue with the comparative lack of contrast the LCD has compared to OLED.
Integrated speakers lack a bit in terms of bass, but are good enough in terms of quality, and great for maintaining awareness of your surroundings and communication with anyone in the room. Using a headset for additional immersion and audio quality is easy enough with the single headphone jack anyway.
The integrated mic also does a good job. It's perfectly clear without picking up an excess of environmental noise.
To start with the software implementation was lagging a bit behind, but recent updates have enabled both 90hz and native resolution for Oculus Link in PCVR use. At the moment I still use Virtual Desktop for PCVR wireless connectivity, but at some point I'm sure Oculus will catch up there as well.
My only remaining criticism is that I really prefer open platforms, and the Quest 2 is definitely a "walled garden" in regards to it's facebook account requirements, needing a mobile phone for setup and so far a lack of any jailbreak/rooting to allow access to hardware options Oculus hasn't implemented.
That said I'd still recommend it, and hopefully this kicks off a much larger uptake of VR, resulting in more attention and major title releases from large developers (although Halflife Alyx and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners are a great start).
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