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Reviewed in Australia on 20 July 2018
I love this smart switch, now I can come home and yell at the Google lady* to turn my lights on. Although I tried setting it up to turn them on and off with custom commands like 'I'm home' and 'I'm leaving now', which she acknowledges but doesn't seem to ever want to process.. I feel that this is a work in progress and growth area for me as an individual - so I won't hold that against this device - which - is - good.

*I don't like yelling at the Google lady, my mum brought me up proper so I'd very much like to yell at the Google man instead, but there isn't an English (Australia) male voice yet. Though the Canadian was way more bearable than the UK and US ones.. worth a shot if you're thinking about it.. I don't know.. it's just these submissive female A.I's like some geek programmers wet dream of telling a woman to do something and not having them get smacked in the face (but I digress).

P.S the TP-Link Kasa app shows energy usage even though this isn't the model that said it does that. I'm not sure what that is about, but I'm good with it. The software also links quite well with the Google Assistant side of things.. no complaints whatsoever.

I really wish I had gotten more of these during Prime day, but I didn't even realise they were there until they were all gone.. I activated the 'wait list' whatever that was but I got nothing back so I don't know what the point of that was.

Dec 14 Xmas Update - Got a few of these for the fam for stocking stuffer 'from Santa gifts'.. everyone has that one switch or device that is awkward to use. One for my aunts for turning on the stand lamp in the loungeroom that is more awkward as they get older. One for my parents to turn their coffee machine on before they get out of bed. And the last I'm all already given myself for the Xmas tree.. I hate getting down behind it to turn the lights on and off.. I used to use a manual timer switch but this is better as I not only get the automated timer functionality but also am able to turn it on and off at a whim.. which is awesome.. because sometimes you want more xmas othertimes you want a little less :p
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