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Reviewed in Australia on 8 October 2020
There has been a large push in recent years of reviving the old classics, and I have been a pretty big fan of the NES and SNES game emulators that nintendo have come up with.
So naturally the expectation was set pretty high for this 3 hit titled mario series!
Unfortunately, all three games feel a bit aged.

Why? Simply porting 3d games is enough to make them playable but not enjoyable.

In the 2d world, the pixel art can be charming and the controls are relatively simple. 3d games brings about improvements in the graphics and the controls of a 3d world, which at the time of release were revolutionary but by today's standards, janky and unpolished. Unfortunately and somewhat ironically the very thing that makes it 3d games 3d games are the ones that lets it down the most when it comes to ports.

The best example of this is Mario 64, which is a plain old port of the original game from the Nintendo 64. It plays OK, but there are enough moments where the controls, camera or graphics just takes you out of the game and feels unrefined.

The same can be said for Sunshine and Galaxy (although to their credit, Nintendo has managed to replace the wii-mote controls extremely well in Galaxy). They are merely ports of the old one

What's a shame is that Nintendo has managed to pull off 3d remakes pretty well. Mario 64 DS is a great example, which has brought about some nice gameplay additions, new graphics and better controls. Same goes for Zelda Ocarina of time and Majora's Mask on the 3ds.

I get that they want to keep originals for nostalgia, being the anniversary edition and all but it does feel like a lost opportunity.
Still, they are 3 good games in their own rights.
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