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Reviewed in Australia on 3 November 2020
It cannot be left unsaid how badly Facebook's mandatory account had ruined this piece of tech. Not the least because of their legitimately evil data harvesting, but also because their customer service is legendarily awful. They have 1.5 billion users. You don't matter. So if, like me, you create an FB account because you're a sucker intrigued by VR but too poor to pay a better company, and FB simply refuses to let you into said account the day you get your Oculus, you're fresh out of luck.

I ended up having to post a support ticket with my gfs account, because FB wouldn't let me post unless I did it through the account I couldn't log into. They still haven't replied.

My gf then entered her FB details into the Oculus app to test it, and it won't let me log out. So now the only way forward is to bind my Oculus to her details because nothing you do - deleting the app, dumping the cached data, etc - will let you change the user login details once a single user has entered theirs.

I bought a $500 brick because Facebook sucks at literally everything they set their hand to. Their website doesn't work. Their support system is garbage. Their customer service is slow and unhelpful. And Oculus are zero help because Facebook controls everything they do with an iron grip.

Trust your doubts and don't be a dumba** like me. Don't buy Facebook tech.
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