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Reviewed in Australia on 1 August 2020
Covid 19 Australian Allowances allowed me to upgrade three of my Laptops.

Installed 2Tb MX on my main computer along with a 1Tb M.2 type MX SSD.
Battery life went from about 2 hours to over 6 hours.
I have ordered a HDD CD/DVD drive adapter as well for my main machine (17" HP Envy).

Put Two 1Tb in my Older HP Pavilion dv7 17" Laptop and this has at least doubled my battery life.

My Housemates 14" HP laptop got a 1TB MX and is flying and she has used it for over six hours on battery.

Startup times on all machines is average 30 seconds from a cold start and from hibernate or sleep mode is fantastic.

Don't be tempted to purchase the BX range, they are slower and have a lower Mean Time Before Failure.

My easy to install value is based on my experience (over 25 years in the industry), the DV7 has a easily removed access to the dual hard drive area, the other two required removing the bottom section of the laptops (over 20 screws on each), on the Envy I also had to remove the Motherboard to get to the M.2 slot.

I purchased a commercial package to copy the data from the original hard drives to the new SSD's as I found that the recommended software by Crucial (free) would only copy drives of the same size.

Also be aware that if you have upgraded your Windows System that your old recovery partitions are now defunct and should be removed to free up disk space.
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