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Reviewed in Australia on 21 May 2019
Everything about this headset is amazing.
The technology for the price is absolutely incredible.
I may as well throw my oculus Go in the bin now.
This is superior in every way.
I was trying to decide whether to get a Rift S or the Quest, and I’m so glad I went with the quest.
The ease of use is so handy.
I’m going to use it so much more than any of my other headsets because you just put it on your head and it’s ready to play, unlike having to set up the sensors and computers and whatever else.
One of my favourite features is the guardian system, which allows you to view the room you’re playing in through the cameras, and trace out a playing space.
You can walk around inside games knowing you won’t crash into anything. (If you get close to a wall or furniture, the camera starts to activate and a grid shows up like you’re entering a different dimension. You can even use this system to use the toilet, pet your cat, or get a snack from the fridge.
The controllers are really intricate, you can pretty much move each finger individually, and it’s going to allow for some great gaming experiences.
I’ve been messing around with VRchat and RECroom and they’re a great way to talk to other people.
You can do whatever you want in the oculus quest.
You can chat to strangers, go fishing, have a dance competition, excerise or practise tai chi, learn to box, practise different languages, draw or sculp a 3D world right in front of your eyes, travel the world using 360 images from google maps, or fly a plane.
Anything you’ve wanted to do in real life, but never had the confidence for.. well now is the chance.
And heck, maybe it’ll help you actually achieve those things in real life because you’ll have your nerves calmed when you’re so used to it in VR.
I only wish the guardian system would alert you when someone walks into your space. I stood on my cat, but that’s the only negative I can possibly think of.
It’s amazing.
Life changing even.
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