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Reviewed in Australia on 22 August 2020
I have constant nasal and sinus congestion, and regular headaches (usually 2-3 per week). Have only used it three times so far, but this product seems to help. The massage action with heat around the eye, temple, and nasal region is clearing my nasal passages and the first thing I want to do after using the product is blow my nose. Accordingly last night I slept quite well as my nasal passages were clear enough for nose breathing.

Perhaps most excitedly, I see this product as being a relaxation benefit for some (not all) people on the autism spectrum / Asperger's. During meltdowns I find comfort in applying pressure in the eye region. I see this product being a benefit during a stressful situation / meltdown. The application of pressure and heat should distract from the cause of the meltdown, and an effective way to shut-out the outside world by completely blocking visual stimulus, and to refocus auditory and touch stimulus back to the massage unit, and away from whatever external stimulus triggered the meltdown.

The only negative is I have a large head circumference, so the head band feels very tight on me, and I guess the other thing the buttons on the side can be a little tricky to find when you are quite literally feeling for them in the dark it can be easy to press the wrong control, but this is just a case of getting used to things. Just another 3 or 4cm (an inch?) more adjustable on the headband for people with large heads would make this ideal.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the build quality. The unit is very sturdy, and comes with well-written instructions. I am extremely happy with this purchase.
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