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Reviewed in Australia on 5 July 2019
So after having the new Echo Show 5 for a week now, this is what I know... I have all versions of Echo around the house and this by far is the sleekest and most attractive unit to date. This particular model I am using as a bedside clock, and it replace both the Echo Show and Echo Spot ( they have new homes around the house). The Show 5 fits the bedside clock market beautifully, it has the largest clock faces, and best night time modes of the three. This is my take of the best/worst features:

1. Amazon have a habit of supplying big ugly power supplies with their units, this has one as well. It does fit a standard double power point or power board, but geez they are big
2. Like all Echos with a screen, you can't properly turn off the dumb suggestions that keep scrolling on the screen
3. The screen did freeze on the wrong time until touched on the second night but hasn't done so since, so maybe just a once off bug

1. The best Echo with a screen, and at the best price as well
2. Solid sleek and attractive fits any where and looks great
3. Sound quality seems fine for your average volume listening, so no complaints
4. The display and touch sensitivity is the best of the Echos
5. Screen size is close to perfect

The unit does have a micro USB port on the back, but no documentation to indicate what use it has. I could easily see me buying more of these to replace every other Echo device including the dot.
I use Alexa Constantly throughout the house to activate lights, music and routines, and this one works as well if not better than the other models
Highly recommended

Update after 3 months of use...
Still the best Alexa device full stop. Works great, no issues and still looks great all this time. The display clock face is easy to read and big and clear. For the price I’d say it’s the best value Alexa device as well, including the new echos just released. Get off the fence and buy one, or two....
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