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Reviewed in Australia on 17 April 2020
I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I thought this might help with a bit of dry eyes and tiredness after long days in front of screens. The build of this seems quite nice, and packaging is that you would find in high quality products.

The massager itself has some bladders inside with a pump that alternates the air pressure, and thus puts pressure into spots around your face. It also vibrates on one of the settings. There is music too, which I would prefer not to have...might be able to turn this off, but I didn’t spend long enough with it to bother finding out.

Unfortunately, this device gave me a headache and actually made me feel a little nauseous on my first try. I gave it a second attempt the next day, and tried to shift it around a bit to find a more comfortable spot, but it just didn’t feel at all good. I can see that the air bladders pushing against parts of you face might feel good - if they were in exactly the right spots. I think that maybe a one size fits all mask is probably a bit too clumsy of an approach to suit everybody though. Having the pressure on your temple or eyeball just feels plain terrible. Other spots don’t seem to feel much better. Your mileage may vary.

Happy to be able to get a refund though. I have a couple of other Renpho branded products, and quite like them. Sadly, this one missed the mark for me. So far, I see nothing out there that can top a hot moist towel for giving some eye relief, and maybe a finger massage for relaxing the face and scalp (mmmmmm)!

Two out of three from me, for what seems to be a nicely enough made product with, perhaps, misguided intentions!
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