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Reviewed in Australia on 21 November 2020
We have a neighbour who constantly smokes cigarettes outside. And while that is a good thing by not polluting his curtains and carpets, the smoke blows into my house which is bad for me. This device has not helped take any of that stench away, and I still taste his cigarettes every time he goes and lights up. The purifier doesn't even register the taste, so it stays on low fan. Even if I manually crank it to maximum, despite being a lot louder in the room, no change to the air quality is noted (001). The only time I find the numbers increase is if I'm cooking onion or garlic in the kitchen, then it will register over 150 on the display and the fan ramps up.

The phone app and setup was easy and integrates with our Xiaomi robot vac (which i absolutely LOVE). The unit is also controllable once setup, with Google home and Hassio which is another plus.

Realistically, my 8KW room aircon does a better job at "filtering" the air in our living room, without the need to replace the filter cartridges every few months. I want to like love it like the rest of the tech in my house, but for a glorified fan it's just too costly to recommend to friends for how little it actually does.
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4.4 out of 5
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