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Reviewed in Australia on 6 June 2018
I was mainly tossing up between these and the Sony 1000X M2 for a while. I looked at a lot of different brands and reviews and the what made purchase the Bose in the end is their sheer comfort and quality.

As someone who would get a lot of ear and head fatigue to the point of extreme discomfort, this was my number one priority. These headphones are by far the most comfortable pair I have ever tried - I can wear them all day without any signs of discomfort, in fact they make great ear muffs in winter! The build quality is also excellent. They feel very premium and sturdy unlike others at this price point like the Sony's which definitely feel more fragile. They are also noticably light weight.

Their noise cancelling is also far superior to any other pair on the market. It's like being sucked into a vaccum - albeit it would be nice if there were as many options as there are on the Sonys.

Finally in terms of audio quality I really have no complaints. They sound brilliant. What's important to keep in mind is the device outputting the sound. These are a force to be reckoned with when connected to my MacBook Pro with an audio enhancer running, while they are far more subdued when running Spotify on my Galaxy S8. There are better sounding alternatives out there at this price point, but unless you're an audiophile the difference is marginal, and again a lot of what you notice will depend on the quality of audio you output.

Also, as a bonus, pairing to two devices is really handy, as for Google assistant, haven't really used it much but it works well if you're into that thing - same goes for phone calls.

I was a bit apprehensive about spending this much on headphones, but if they're within your budget you really won't have any regrets.
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