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Reviewed in Australia on 28 December 2018
The glass itself is great, the screen is responsive, installation is easy until I used the sticker for removing dust particles.

That's was when hell broke lose for me. The sticker left a super sticky residue instead of picking the dust. So I think "no big deal, I can just wipe the screen again"... Nope, the sticky stuff is really stick to the screen. I tried screen cleaner, Windex, warm soapy water, Ajax degreaser and rubbing alcohol, but nothing worked.

At the end, while having a small panic attack, I was able to remove it by hearing a paper towel with an clothes iron and slowly rubbing the screen, softening the plastic and eventually removing all the sticky residue.

If it wasn't for that I would highly recommend this screen protector. The only way I world recommend using this protector is skipping the sticker part and maybe use a can of compressed air or something like that to remove the dust particles.
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