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Reviewed in Australia on 6 September 2020
Unlike the Rift S the IPD is mechanically adjustable, a very important feature for users outside the optimal IPD range.
Standalone, portable VR is pretty cool. Virtual Desktop to PC is pretty great too if you have the set up for it, allowing you to play cordless PCVR.
Plenty of open source games to play for free with side loading.
You can play ports of Quake 1 & 2, Half-Life and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

It's an okay stand-in for a Rift S when hooked up to a PC with Quest Link (beta), but it unfortunately suffers from an obtrusive pentile screen door effect. Any user who wants to get the most out of Quest Link will need to fiddle with the Oculus Tray Tool and SteamVR super sampling settings to optimise the visual display. PC performance-wise, Quest Link needs more powerful hardware than the Rift S.
The front heavy Quest tends to sag downwards to rest on the cheekbones. Anyone who wants to use this thing for any period of time longer than 15 minutes should get some comfort mods to elevate the weight distribution problem.
The inside-outside tracking is not quite as good as the Rift S's, but it does an adequate job 99% of the time.
The Quest's OS software can be buggy. It occasionally has issues booting up Quest Link, and sometimes if the Quest is left idle, it will lose controller tracking. Both of these problems can be solved with a hard reset of the Quest. The UI is kind of crappy and really wants you to buy from the Oculus store.
128 gigabyte of storage is definitely more than enough and the cost to have that extra 68 gigabytes is not definitely not worth it.
Games on the Oculus store cost way, way too much. I pity anyone who has a Quest and no PC to Quest Link with.

I wouldn't have gotten a Quest if the Valve Index was available in Australia, and if the Rift S had adjustable IPD.
Now that I own a Quest, I do appreciate some of its features. While I use the Quest frequently, I can't help but wish I had a better headset.
When a better VR headset does become available in Australia, I'll be selling my Quest. I doubt I will ever buy another Oculus device again.
Overall, the Quest would make a poor introduction to VR.
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