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Reviewed in Australia on 20 November 2020
I bought the Show to complement our other Echo devices, and as an 'easy to glance at' screen to show our Ring camera (Ring are also owned by Amazon)

it's ... disappointing.

The first frustration is a banner that suggested different things to try that appears on the home screen... sadly unlike the other Echo devices that can't be turned off (in the app,or the settings, it's just ignored ... had a chat with support who were also surprised at the behaviour) - a bug, not a feature

Secondly the range of widgets you can have displayed on the rotating home display is very limited, and not that much use. For example I have to choose which of my calendars (work or personal) it shows, as both isn't an option, and if you don't activate enough of the home screen panes the display does an annoying dim and resume every now and then (again, bug, not feature)

The primary usecase... kinda terrible. "Echo, show front" ... sometimes I get the chirpy "ok" and nothing happens, it just goes on to the next display item on the carousel. Sometimes I get the "ok" and about 5s later it switches to the "waiting for ring..." screen, and then back to the carousel. Maybe one time in 5 I actually get to see our camera first time of asking.

As I have two Alexa's in the room (the Show and a Studio) it would be nice if they worked better together... if I ask the Studio to show the front camera I'd expect it to know (because it's in a group with the Show) that it has a screen available... but it tells me I need a FireTV

If I hadn't already recycled the package for this and the (expensive compared to the Show itself) stand, I'd probably have hit "return" on this and wait for a bit more quality control to be applied to the software... as it is, I'll hang on to it (probably as a reminder to not buy another Alexa device!)
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