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Reviewed in Australia on 20 April 2021
The camera is excellent and gives a great picture and Michael at Viofo support is very prompt to reply to queries. The downside is their website shows the camera takes a 256GB micro SD which they sell but support says better to use a 128GB because of formatting issues. The website should also make it crystal clear that the SD card you use should be one of the 3 they sell on their website because for instance a SanDisk Ultra won't have the endurance. The website should also provide information on formatting a SD card. I bought the 256GB endurance AFTER mistakenly buying an Ultra (money down the drain) then bought the 256GB endurance. This comes preformatted into 2 partitions one Exfat the other NTFS but the card will only work in the camera if formatted as Fat32. This windows cannot do. In windows trying to format to Fat32 it just says partition too big while using the CMD line to format it goes thru the motions for a long time before getting to the end and saying format failed. I tried a number of free format tools but none worked. In the end I bought EaseUS partition master for another $77 and eventually succeeded but only after cleaning the whole drive in disk management to remove the partitions then using partition master to format in Fat32 and then making that partition the primary partition not the logical. This is information that is necessary and should be on their website. If there is a free formatting tool that works their should be a link to that tool. Finally having got the camera to record I tried to play the recording back in windows Media Player. It only plays the audio and says missing codec. Michael at Viofo suggested VLC Media Player which worked perfectly but once again that is information that should be on their website with a link to VLC. Othewise I am wasting my time and Viofo support. But I have to say the camera is everything it should be with a great field of view and once set up works perfectly but it take far longer to get there than necessary because installation is a lot more than simply sticking it on the windscreen.
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