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Reviewed in Australia on 15 November 2020
I like this unit. It charges the phone just fine. I bought it for the following reasons. I purchased a Samsung S20+5G phone and I wanted a wireless means of charging. This appeals to me because if I need to use the phone while charging, just pick it up and there is no attached wire to fuss about. I was also concerned with the charging port wear and tear from simply plugging and unplugging the charging cable. Replacing the port would be quite expensive and eventually inevitable--to be avoided. This wireless charger eliminates that problem. There are two less than perfect aspects about the Samsung 15W Fast Charger: First, it is much slower than using the Samsung cable charger: about 2/3 slower. Second the enclosed power supply is a US unit and the plug pins are very different from the Australian standard. These are why I didn't give it 5 stars. However, neither are a real problem and by no means a deal breaker. I'm retired with lots of time and slower charge is of no consequence for me. The charging power supply can be used by either purchasing an adapter from a travel or electronics store, or simply bending the US pins carefully and they will fit Aussie power sockets. The power supply is rated for use on 110 to 240V, so that is not a problem. Full confession; I chose to use pliers to bend the worked. Now you can scream at me!
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4.7 out of 5
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