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Reviewed in Australia on 19 June 2020
29 Nov UPDATE:
- Sound and soundstage is superb for the price - you really can't go wrong at all!
- The original flares and tips are ok but don't provide the best fit for me - the flares are just too small. So I ordered some replacement tips and flares for the Samsung ICON X 2018 buds ( I have and love these buds too! ) and using their biggest flare it actually fit quite nicely on the Tao's and honestly give me the PERFECT fit now with an even better seal that further improves the ANC and sound rendition!
- There is periodically an unsyncing of the buds which I have found you can solve by a long hold on the right bud - it tries to activate your assistant service which you can cancel but at least it sync them back up again immediately.

Arrived on the stated date. Have been using it for about 48hrs now.

So far:

Price was good value I have to say.
Very light buds.
Sound is surprising good... clear, crisp... picks up a lot audio in songs that normally pass you by.
Solid and nice bass.
Connects quickly, and no sync issues yet.
Nice compact and very light case too.
Have tested the IPX8 rating a bit and no issues there.
Can't tell about battery life yet.
Taken them on a run and forgot they were there which is good... they felt secure but at the end of my run one bud was loosening up in my ears hence my comment below.

The fit for my ears was a little uncomfortable at first.... think they could have given some better and more comfy tips and more/bigger flares also for a more secure fit... think I've gotten used to them more now, but we'll see going forward.
AptX would have been so great in this unit as well.

So a 7.5-8/10 for me... its worth a try if you are in the market and at this budget point.
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4.4 out of 5
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