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Reviewed in Australia on 6 August 2020
It is a great value for the price. It is not perfect, a few flaws but lots of positives; I will break it down below:

Connection: It has a stable connection. It automatically pairs quickly. I only had an issue once when one of the earbuds wouldn't pair and connect. Had to troubleshoot and reset the buds. Since then it has been stable. I could go far away from the phone and it won't disconnect.

Calls: No problem with calls. Sounded good, everyone I spoke to said I sounded clear.

Sound: I am not a sound engineer or something like that but I do have a few good speakers and headphones around to compare the sound with. The first thing I noticed was how it sounded so "compressed" . It doesn't have a natural sound. Almost "metallic" if you will. I did get used to it eventually and it still sounded better and clearer than most cheap headphones. A more balanced sound which I like. I hate earbuds with too much bass. I have an EQ app and can easily add bass if I want which is great. Compared to all my wired headphones, the buds didn't match and beat them, (I have an Audio Technica ATH M50 and a Soundmagic 11c which are both really good IMO). I didn't get a chance to compare it with another TWS Earbud recently till I lost the left earbud and I had to buy a new one. I decided to splurge and bought a Sony WF1000xm3 since they are a bit cheaper now. And compared to that, the sound of the Sony earbuds are miles away better! Worth the extra I paid for. In fairness, the Sony has DSP so really can't compare, but now I can hear the difference, there is no turning back.

Transparency/Ambient Mode: This is where I wish the Soundpeats earbuds have. The earbuds have good natural passive noise canceling which creates a problem in times you need to hear a bit of the outside world. Like when in the Gym, work, or riding a bike. Again after using the Sony, it is a function I now can't live without.

A positive for the Soundpeats: it has a good IP rating and it is very useful in a sense I am not afraid to trash it around, I use wet wipes to clean it and I am confident it won't break. Unlike with the Sonys, no IP rating for the price which is a really big letdown.

Fit: the fit of the Soundpeats is really good. It never falls off and it fits comfortably. You can use it for long periods with no issues with fatigue.

Conclusion: all in all I would buy this again if I don't have a budget. Great price, decent sound, If they add transparency mode, there is no doubt these buds will beat more expensive brands out there.
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