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Reviewed in Australia on 8 March 2020
Not cheap but the ANC and sound quality justify the price - especially with recent sales I've seen. I've been using these for 90 days now on a frequent basis and I would highly recommend them to everyone that's willing to spend a bit extra. I use an Android phone and also have a work iphone 8 which I tested just to compare the quality of audio and other features.

When i first started using these buds, I did have a few audio drop outs from listening to Spotify and my podcast player. However found a solution to remove battery saving options from those apps (on android) and this problem was resolved. Aside from that case, audio drop outs have been very rare and when they do happen, it's for a second or less.

I did not notice any difference with using it for my work iphone however first connection was slower but after that was fine.

Overall, the only thing I wish was improved is the call quality - it's very behind on comparisons to the airpods and people can tell when i'm using them. It also tends to pick up every noise around you instead of just your voice - hoping for the third software update which fixes this issue as the previous update hardly did a thing from my observations.
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