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Reviewed in Australia on 10 March 2019
Let me first say that I'm a huge Nintendo portable fan. I own every model of GB/DS/3DS and have a large library that I still play today. Nintendo's portable systems have been by my side ever since the original grey Gameboy and it was only this weekend that I was travelling and got to play Pokemon Sun for 10 hours.
So you'd think I would be a prime customer for the Switch, right? I mean sure, Nintendo hardware always has unique and strange quirks but I adopt or ignore them so that I can enjoy the games.

I never bought a Switch at release because I didn't want to only play Zelda, so I waited until Xmas 2018 to finally order one, once a Pokemon game was released.
And for me, it just hasn't clicked.

I love the idea of it being portable alongside being a living room console, but I feel like it does both roles poorly instead of just one being done really well.
In 'TV' mode, it's low res and slow. In portable mode, it's too big and it feels like it's going to break - the controllers on the side feel as if they could snap off if too much pressure was applied, and the joysticks and buttons are just far too small. This is really frustrating when combined with the positioning of the buttons almost directly underneath the analog stick, making it nearly impossible for me to tap them without the joystick getting in the way.
Maybe I'm not the target demographic (I don't have tiny hands)?

The other annoyance is that none of the retro library, nor online gaming functionality, is available unless you subscribe to the Switch's online service.

In the end, it's just not what I had expected - there are too many fundamental design issues for me, and the library isn't strong enough to warrant it's purchase. I can play nearly all of its non-bespoke library on much better (and more comfortable to use) hardware.

I'll be playing my 3DS until it dies one day in the future, but the Switch, for now, is being sold.

My advice: Try before you buy. Borrow a friend's or demo it in store, just to be sure you know what you're getting.
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