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Reviewed in Australia on 15 September 2019
Damien takes everything up a notch as an old foe for Nick rampages through the countryside after escaping. The book is well researched and written so it rushes along furiously. I found the trail of murder to be over the top in barbarity and would have enjoyed the book much more without the voyeuristic touches. In the end the murder spree is only an entré to the hidden story. A real detective tale ensues.

We have the ever present fights with the hierarchy especially Chard as Dixon endeavours to follow his hunches. His romance is continued though is on hold because of the case. There is good detective work well explained. The dog Monte plays an important but ugly part in the story. I love dogs but keep a perspective that Dixon doesn't.

I reserve my judgement on Damien and the drift to sensationalism and mayhem until I read future books. His stories stand well in their good writing relationships and characterisation without the need to go down that route.
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