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Reviewed in Australia on 6 January 2021
To begin with, I have never owned a smartwatch or smart/fitness band prior to this one. There were certain things that I was looking for in a smartwatch/band being:
- long battery life
- the ability to track exercise and post on Strava (whilst paired or unpaired to phone GPS)
- App notifications
- CHEAP!!!

To honest, it meets nearly all those criteria.
- the battery lasts at least 20 days for me with the monitoring mode turned off (still tracks my sleep pretty accurately) and around 10 days if I have the automatic heart rate monitoring/sleep assistance turned on
- it does not have its own in-built GPS and really you can't expect one at this price point. However once paired with your phone, it can utilise the phone's GPS and provide you additional data such as heart rate for your exercise. NOTE: download the Zepp App and you will be able to link your exercise and have them posted to Strava!
- provides notification for all the social media Apps that I frequently use eg., Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc. The App's icon appears and the message displays clearly and is readable. Additionally, the touch screen makes scrolling notifcations much easier. Game changer for me as I will normally be out of reach from my phone (which is on silent all the time) and thus the notifications is quite useful, saved me from quite a few would be missed calls and messages.
- Price point is one of the major considerations for me when purchasing as I did not know if I really wanted to be in the smartwathc/band life. For an Oled screen and comfortable fit, it has been a great purchase.
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