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Reviewed in Australia on 23 November 2020
🚨 Possible Spoilers. If you haven’t read from blood and ash there are spoilers ahead. No spoilers from a kingdom of flesh and fire though.

Everything in Poppy’s world has been turned upside down she trusted him and fell for him. Was it all a lie? Or were the details the truth and everything she had ever believed all a lie? She was the chosen one, but why?

This book went backwards before they moved forward. The dark one and the maiden fall deeper and deeper as they story goes on. Their marriage once for an alliance now for love. War on the horizon will their secret as unravel everything or being two kingdoms together?

The cliff hanger really got me! I still have so many freaking questions I need answered. It was a slow burn with most of the action happening in the last 200 pages. If you’ve read it please DM me to discuss further. Looking forward to April @jennifer_l_armentrout

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4.7 out of 5
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