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Reviewed in Australia on 21 January 2021
First one of these I bought seemed to be working well, was happy with image quality, but then after about ten days, I came back to my home desk to find the camera had fallen off the top of the monitor. On inspection, it transpired the hinge on the bracket that allows the camera to sit on top of the monitor had failed. Basically rendered the camera useless without sellotape or dismantling it to see if the mechanism, could be fixed.

In fairness to the vendor, they replied to my email quickly and after sending a video demonstrating the fault, a replacement was sent out quickly (hence why I've given the product two stars rather than one).

Frustratingly, exactly the same thing has happened to the replacement. No external interference, the mechanism has simply failed.

This was four days ago and sadly this time I'm still waiting for a response from the vendor to process a refund.

My recommendation if you're considering this camera would be not to buy it. Maybe they've received a faulty batch of stock but whatever the problem is, it's not worth the hassle. I'll probably be spending a little more this time on something like a Logitech which I would expect to be more reliably constructed.
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