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Reviewed in Australia on 10 September 2019
Item not genuine, its a really convincing imitation but comparing with my other 3 controllers it has a few flaws:
-When plugging it into the playstation it drops out suddenly even when fully charged, causing the item to be faulty and not work correctly
-It is noticeably lighter than the 3 other ds4 controllers I own (all bought from sony direct in the past or came with the ps4),
-The casing on the grip is off by a couple of millimetres causing it to not line up smoothly and stick out,
-The analog sticks have no rubber on them making them feel rigid and they also have these large pieces of plastic protruding from the underside,
-The button response feels unnatural and makes a distinctive metallic clicking noise on the shoulder buttons that doesn't happen on the other controllers, almost like a spring clicking
-The LED light doesn't stay on when charging which is a feature of a genuine ps4 Dualshock
-Genuine ps4 controllers don't come with a micro USB cable.
-the packaging looks re-used and refurbished
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