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Reviewed in Australia on 9 July 2019
Having owned or currently own every Amazon Echo product at market the new Echo Show 2nd Generation is my favourite device in the range

Great screen, sound and camera but alas a little glitchy

Saying “Do Not Disturb” or “Turn on do not disturb” does nothing I have to do it manually every time from Day 1
Turning it off by voice works fine

I also have to literally shout with an angry intent in my voice a lot of the time to get a correct command or skill to work
Quite a lot of the time just asking normally Alexa just doesn’t get the command right she has performed countless times before which can be very frustrating
So I just resort to asking Google and she gets it right 1st time in majority of the cases

For the next release the Echo Show 3 it would be great to have a better screen, sound, ability to turn to portrait or landscape
A much thinner unit which takes up less space
A smaller power plug as all current ones are oversized for standard double wall sockets or standard power boards
And especially more variation of what is rotated on the screen similar and better than Google with adaptive follow through voice commands for a continued conversation
Also the ability for Alexa to make the 1st move in conversation etc (if enabled in settings under different variables)

But apart from all its faults and glitches it’s by far my favourite Amazon Echo Device and which I use the most from Amazon

Once again another Amazon 5 Star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟 product! Great Price, Great Quality and Supersonic Delivery Speed!! 🕺👍☺️
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