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Reviewed in Australia on 18 September 2018
Wow. I was really late to the party with this one, like I'm pretty much late to everything.
I absolutely devoured this story in 2 nights, staying up so late last night I couldn't get to sleep for thinking about the book, so I should have just sat on the couch and finished the last 10%.
I don't know why, but for some reason I was convinced that in this story the little girl goes blind. I kept waiting for her to be blinded by the light in the lighthouse - which is what I felt was going to happen. When she's digging potatoes in the garden with her mamma and sand gets in her eyes, I thought that was the moment! There must be some virus in the sand! Any time she rubbed her eyes because she was tired... I was sure it was the start of this new affliction. (Isn't it funny what preconceptions get in your head?)
And of course, nothing like that happens so relax everybody. Nobody goes blind!!
Once I realised there was quite enough drama without anyone going blind... all was okay.
Every motivation for every character felt perfect in this story. They were all flawed. Their actions were all understandable. I ended up angriest at the people of the town and at Frank's storyline, for all the heartache that set in motion for Hannah.
The writing style felt literary to me, but very approachable, and some of the phrasing is just beautiful.
What worked even more for me is that the south west of Western Australia and the karri forests and the history of timber milling in this area, is home for me. Augusta (Point Parteguese) is just down the road, and so the descriptions of the place where 'two oceans meet' was extremely vivid and pertinent for me.
One other weird thing for me with this book: I was so sure the author was a man, and I have since found she's a woman. I intend to read some of her interviews about this book because I'd love to know how she set about researching lighthouse-keeping rules and regulations from the period. The research of the attitudes and customs for the time felt spot-on to me.
My mother loved this book and talked about it and I've had it on kindle for quite some time. I'm really glad I've read it. I feel the story will stay with me a very long time.
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