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Reviewed in Australia on 27 February 2020
I had a great review when the Echo Show 8 came out. But after using it a while now I have found it is completely useless for the main requirement both advertised and what we want - a kitchen companion to help with recipes.

Any request for anything recipe related goes to the Taste skill with no ability to change, so I consider the garbage quality of how the Echo works with this skill valid for this review.

First, finding a recipe is fine, for instance ask "Alexa give me a recipe for tuna bake" will show some listings from Taste's site you can select by saying or clicking on screen. When you select a recipe though that is when the nightmare starts.

Alexa proceeds to read the entire ingredients, then wants to start reading all the steps. I DONT WANT THIS. I just want the ingredients up on screen with ability to then move to the steps when I want. There is no ability or way to have Alexa shut up, anything just closes the skill. If you switch between ingredients and steps just starts reading again.

Worst is you start preparing or cooking, turn around and the screen has "locked" or gone back to home and when you address Alexa it doesn't go back to where you were, opening Taste then gives option sometimes to resume to your previous recipe, after more forced dialogue, where you again then have to listen to all the crap from Alexa again. No options like "Alexa give me my last recipe" work, its just chance sometimes will state when opening Taste to go back to your previous.

Compare this to my phone. I google a recipe, get it on Taste loaded. At the worst if my phone times out and locks I unlock it and it is exactly where I was on the page. I'm not forced to listen to 10 seconds of inane pointless talking just to view my recipe, I don't have stupid voice that I can't stop reading out the whole thing.

Amazon advertise this as being for a kitchen, but its not, it doesn't work and if you want to use it for that purpose buy a cheap as anything android tablet, stick it to the wall and just lookup recipes on that.
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