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Reviewed in Australia on 1 January 2020
The hard drive is seemingly fast as it can be in using a USB3 conventional hard drives and allows you to use the two USB3 ports on the front for any other device, including more hard drives. I bought this for use with an Xbox One and have had no issues in getting it to work straight out of the box and have even plugged in another hard drive through the front USB ports which works just fine.

The unit comes with a power adaptor with fittings that allow you to change in and out the different power plugs required for your country such as plugs for US, UK and AUS. I was a little hesitant to purchase this because many other reviews were saying they had to buy an adaptor. So maybe Seagate have recently made this change to these hubs to contain the interchangeable plugs? So I would gather if anyone else has this concern, then I say it probably wouldn't be an issue with this purchase.

My only annoyance with this hard drive is the fan noise. The internal fan causes slight vibration which travels through the tiny rubber feet and you can hear the buzzing of the vibration on my shelf that I have this hard drive on. If they had made the rubber feet slightly larger and thicker this may have fixed this issue. After moving it around a little, I got the noise down, but you can still hear it humming. I might end up sticking on thicker strips of rubber to see if that can stop the hum as it is annoying being attached to my Xbox near my TV when the tv sound output is quiet in a game or movie.

I gave this 3 stars simply for the noise factor as it is quite loud.
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