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Reviewed in Australia on 28 October 2020
The first part - the build is excellent. Superior to my $5 more expensive apple usbc to 3.5mm.

However, the rest of the product is disappointing. First of all - do not buy this if you have one of those phones thats fussy about 3.5mm adaptors due to having a very week amp or needing to offload dac/amp to the adaptor/headphones due to their own lack such as the Pixels. It will not work. It does work with my Oneplus Nord, but the sound quality is much lesser than that $5 more expensive apple dongle. Less demanding in-ears will be okay, but anything midly difficult (i.e. more difficult then the crappy free iems you get with your phone) will sound crap, even if this dongle can push a reasonable amount of volume. Strange processing at certain frequencies, robotic sounding voices.

it also caused some strange interactions with my phone's software. Sometimes the phone would not pick it up - the headphone icon would not pop and it would continue playing through the loudspeakers. Sometimes after unplugging it, the headphone indicator would stay on and it would continue playing through usbc, not the loudspeakers, despite nothing being plugged in. Only a reboot could fix this. I have never experienced this with other dongles, even the apple one, which is certainly not designed to be compatible with my android phone. All-in-all - get the apple dongle, its $5 more and the easiest dongle to find.
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3.5 out of 5
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