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Reviewed in Australia on 12 July 2017
This was a great, albeit overwhelming book. John Sackville read this book, and while I thought i'd find a dissonance in hearing anyone else read Hawking, I have to say his performance was excellent. The rhythm of the reading was pleasant and left me feeling confident the context was being communicated.

More than really engaging with the book, I mostly was listening as it was being read. The level of the content started out relatively simply then rocketed off away from my puny brain. I did find myself in awe of some of the concepts Hawking explains and ties together so well.

Less of a history of time and moreso an analysis of the concepts and theories that determine the way we consider time and all that it entails. I was very impressed by the work that Hawking and the physics community have put into the thinking around our universe and place within.

The book encouraged me to find another entry point and pursue such thoughts to better understand all the forces that hold our world(s) together. Fantastic book!
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