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Reviewed in Australia on 28 September 2018
I have to admit this book completely surprised me. I have never read a book of this authors before, heard of her sure. And I may be a little bias when it comes to Fae folk as Sarah J Maas has set a high bar for what I expect of Fae.
But this book was amazing! I did not pause in reading this books once. A straight 5 hours of reading and I hated it when it ended.

Jude was a likable, complex, flawed and ambitious heroine. I enjoyed her POV thoroughly! Shes a kick ass fighter and I really do admire her grit and will to be better than the faeries.

Cardan was...well he was horrible, but beneath it all I caught glimpses of a genuine broken hero. He shares a lot of tension and chemistry with Jude and I'm looking forward to the development of that in the next books.

What I love most is every character is complex. They go deeper than a villain or a hero, they have layers of good mixed in with the horrible that you cant really hate anyone. Their actions suck but ... they're not all bad. It complicated my head a bit with the back and forth but it gave the plot and characters more depth. Also more intrigue on who is to be trusted and not.

I have to mention this, Taryn is a rotten sister and hope a troll eats her.

Excited for the next book!!
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