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Reviewed in Australia on 27 May 2020
Pros: Easy to set up -- USB plug and play. Various options for mounting (on top of monitor, on a small tripod). Cap for camera lens.
Cons: SHOCKING light control -- there is none (that I could see to adjust). I tried with no ambient light, low ambient light, overhead LED light, natural light from the window next to my desk, yellow light, white light, diffused LED lamp focused on my face, light just from the computer monitors -- in every case, my face was overexposed and washed out to the max. In NO light condition did the colours even approximate my (Caucasian) skin tones. I was sitting ~45 cm from the camera, which was on top of the monitor, so it wasn't that I was too close, at least not for a webcam. I also tried testing with the Windows camera software, Skype, and Zoom -- all were bad for rendering natural colour, some worse than others.
For the $100 I paid for this, I feel like I've been ripped off badly and will be lodging a complaint. I need a decent webcam to run training sessions from home -- this is certainly not it.
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