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Reviewed in Australia on 15 July 2020
Bought these for my HyperX Alloy Origins Core after watching many positive reviews. They feel nice - have a bit of texture compared to smooth stock keycaps. Sound-wise, there's a small difference between them but I prefer the stock ones. The pudding keycaps sound a bit duller to me. The RGB really shines through which can be a pro or con depending on the keyboard lighting profile/s you setup. For profiles where all keys change colour (eg, wave, sliding, breathing) the pudding keycaps look great. But for profiles where you assign different FIXED colours to groups of keys it doesn't work so well IMO because the light from one group can overpower the colour of a neighbouring one thereby losing the desired effect.

Eg, My favourite profile is all alphanumeric keys, punctuation and operators set to blue except WASD which are white. Then surrounding keys (Fkeys, space, ctrl, alt, tab etc) I split them up into groups of alternating green and pink (eg, F1-F4 green, F5-F8 pink etc). With stock caps this looks fantastic. The blue set look like black caps with blue printed lettering rather than light and WASD really stand out in amongst them. With the pudding caps however, the white WASD bleed out over surrounding keys so the effect is lost. I also set a flame effect which turns surrounding keys orange for a brief second whenever a key is pressed. Again looks great with stock but with pudding keycaps the effect isn't as prominent because of the overpowering RGB from neighbouring keycaps.

I have 3 lighting profiles setup but I have gone back to the stock keycaps as my preferred profile looks much better with them.
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