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Reviewed in Australia on 3 April 2020
i've owned Google home for ages but switched and i think her voice sounds more cranky and she seems mean at times, but Alexa has a soothing voice and seems to be more kind, i love how you can program Alexa with skills vs Google that does it's own thing minus community additions..i would give a 5 on score but i feel like if i pump volume to full it might break speakers so i put it to 80 percent no higher, that said you can add other speakers to this, not saying speakers are crap either i just dont think it would handle too high, there's so much i could say how cool this device is, i've linked it to amazon music having prime myself ..its way better then googles options, i get no ads or high prices for music steaming sites like i would with google home ..i havent tried calls yet to comment but i did call in to my device while away to use camera to check out for thieves..does an amazing job there as a security camera :) , i have great control with smart lights too. if you purchase this device make sure you plug power plug in hard, when i got mine it fitted into power socket and thought that it was plugged in right but i thought it was faulty then discovered it needs a hard push(not too hard) of plug into socket when you first get it...its a great device really worth getting and like i've said i do prefer this to googles offerings
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