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Reviewed in Australia on 2 March 2019
I'm now on my second Harmony 650, and had a (now discontinued and almost identical) 700 before this. This remote is so convenient I honestly can't imagine using our entertainment system without one. It replaces every other remote we own, so we press a single button to set up the TV/AV and use our xbox, roku, fetch tv, squeezebox or bluray player. Once you've pressed that button all the controls are set up to make changes to the relevant unit. It's super easy to set up using a PC. I haven't even unboxed most of the remotes for stuff we've purchased over the last few years because this makes them totally redundant. We use rechargeable batteries in the device, still on the first set from way back. They last a while between charges.

The remote is also pretty robust, mine have all lasted several years and (in one case) survived some gentle gnawing by our labrador!

One thing you might not appreciate at first glance is the really useful "help" function. Basically if one of the devices didn't respond the way you expected (someone blocked the line of sight or something) you press "help" and it will try to automatically resolve the problem, making sure the devices for that scenario are all on and configured properly (right HDMI ports etc). If it didn't automatically solve it, it will step through one device at a time to help you troubleshoot the problem. The design of this particular function really is helpful.

I was thinking about "upgrading" to a harmony companion or whatever but I can't see how it is worth the extra cost unless you're right into smart home stuff, or your devices are mostly wifi/bluetooth rather than IR. This does everything we could want from our entertainment system. The only downside is that it uses micro USB, and all our phones are now USB-C so we need to keep a legacy cable. Pretty minor problem!

In summary: highly recommended!
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