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Reviewed in Australia on 12 January 2021
Quality of the LED is not bad for the price.
But the quality of the software and customisation is very limited. Even though it's "Bluetooth" you can only connect to one app ( Happy Lighting) and it's really bad and has very limited customisation. I wanted the light to fade into different coloured lights but its only programed to completly turn off the light before turning into different colour so it blinks rather than fade and it is distracting. Also you can only use the presets in the app which isn't that good so i just keep it as solid colour most of the time and manually change colour when i want.

The music mode is also not that great. It only picks up really loud drums sounds and doesnt pick up the vocals. (The mic was next to the speaker) So only good for music with loud drums like EDM.
When in Music Mode, you can't choose the colour scheme. It's always rainbow or just RGB. It's also kind of off with the beat as well.

If you just want solid colour LED it's ok but you could probably find cheaper options for same effect. Or just invest some more money and actually get a good one.
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