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Reviewed in Australia on 28 May 2020
As a foreword: This is now (approx.) my 6th or 7th Asus router, have intermittently also tested other brands but have always returned to Asus as Asus has a few advantages for me (e.g. I have best experience with stability, firmware is supported over many years - some brands seem to hardly support firmware at all)

Had to connect 2 routers over Wifi as a LAN connection is not possible (rented house). The 2 rooms (office room, living room) are separated by a gypsum board wall and have the kitchen in between. Distance is ca. 10m. So I got rid of my old Asus AC66U and the cheapskate router provided by my internet provider.

Have purchased this Asus AX11000 and the Asus AX88U which are operating in a Mesh setup:
- Living room setup (AX11000 = main mesh node): 1x 2.4G in mixed mode used for legacy devices, 1x 5G also In mixed mode used for Wifi device connection, the 2nd 5G connection is operated in 802.11ax (Wifi-6) mode only to connect with the AX88U router
- office room setup (AX88U = mesh node): NAS and other office devices attached
Connection speed is of absolute essence for me as my NAS is connected on one side and if I'm not in the office but in the living room I still want great speeds + many apps and devices also run at the same time + I do video editing (= big files + router speeds have a direct impact on copying large video files).

Obviously, right now the Wifi speed of my Mac is my issue (Apple currently has no Macbook supporting 802.11ax - so once this is released by Apple I can finally update my Macbook). I have max speeds of 1300 MBit between my Macbook and the AX11000 (for video editing, I am connecting to my NAS over Thunderbolt 3).

So, now for the AX11000:
- In the beginning (ca. Jan 2020) I had some problems, the firmware was somewhat buggy (had similar experience with other Asus Routers, before)
- Meanwhile the firmware is very stable, I have no problems anymore but one (more later)
- Between the 2 routers I get stable speeds of TX 3266.7Mbit/s and RX 2882.3Mbit/s which I find nothing less than amazing (to be found in menu system log/wireless log) - so there is plenty of room for even more devices on both sides
- From endpoint (Macbook with 1300 MBit/s Wifi) to endpoint (NAS 1000 MBit/s LAN) I get consistent transmission speeds of ca. 70-75 MByte/s
- I have between 10-30 other Wifi networks in vincinity. After finding the best channels with WifiExplorer I have no problems whatsoever with any device not connecting or disconnecting etc.
- Tip: If you set the Wifi Region (under Wireless/Professional) to "United States" you can squeeze a few dB more 5G transmit power out of your router (compared with other regions + while at the same time having lower 2.4G transmit power) to win over other competing Wifi signals in your neighbourhood --> don't tell any of my neighbours, please!

So, finally my all in all verdict:

+ Amazing router with super strong signal
+ 3 Signal bands (1x 2.4GHz + 2x 5GHz) - very useful to connect with other routers!
+ very stable
+ many tweak setting possibilities
+ Amazing networking speed due to strong CPU
+ Amazing feature: VPN Fusion: You can connect to several VPNs, at the same time. E.g. you can connect to 1 VPN location with your AppleTV, to another location with your NAS, etc. And now comes the big BUT! - this doesn't work reliably, yet. It has worked in SW# and before but is NOT working in the latest SW# (from 7/5/2020). I'm currently in touch with Asus support to solve this and I'm confident it will be fixed eventually

The negatives:
- The price, it is of course not cheap...
- VPN Fusion not yet working properly for me, hope it does sometime soon...
- Asus Mesh doesn‘t support 802.3ad link aggregation on the nodes even the router normally (e.g. my Asus AX88U) normally supports it as basically all node settings are automatically overridden/can‘t be accessed in Mesh mode
Edit 02/09/2020 VPN Fusion works now with the latest firmware but only for PPTP (not for OpenVPN)
Today there was an announcement that Asus ROG Rapturew GT-AXE11000 which already supports the new 6 GHz. Would expect some kind of trade in offer from Asus after their flagship router is obsolete so quickly
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