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Reviewed in Australia on 9 June 2018
I very much enjoy Martin's books and her heroine Hillary Greene but I do wish it wasn't necessary to keep saying how beautiful HG is, how clever, how shapely, how crime solving.... etc... over and over and over and over. The stories are good, the writing is entertaining but it is really necessary to keep shoving down the reader's throats how wonderful Hillary is?? Can't her actions tell us that? Are we so stupid that we can't put two and two together? And why do we need a description of every matching suit that she wears? And where, on a boat the size of the Mollern, can she possibly store them? Does the author think we are stupid??
I wish the story could rest on the crime and the solving of it rather than the bodily charms of the DI. Maybe in the first couple of books but over and over and over again... give us a break and just get on with the story.
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