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Reviewed in Australia on 15 July 2016
ALL THE STARS!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this review is split into two sections:
1. General gushing about how awesome this book is in very general terms
2. A clearly marked spoiler section where I list the things I love and make some guesses for the next book. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Section 1:
A Court of Mist and Fury is my favourite book by Sarah J. Maas EVER! HoF was my ultimate before, and ACOMAF is like HoF, but even more emotionally intense. I've just turned the last page and I want to flip back to the start and take the crazy journey all over again.
Feyre - I cried when she broke, her sadness and sorrow. I smiled when she began to heal. I laughed when she began cracking jokes with... I don't want to spoil it, but *wink* (those who have read it will know)
Tamlin and Rhys - I adore the development of these two. Everything is explained and I am so on board with what is happening emotionally for Feyre.
The new characters - I love them so much! Don't want to spoil anything, but what an awesome (and feral!) gang.
The locations - Sorry I'm being so vague, but I don't want any spoilers. Just, when Feyre goes to the Night Court for that week plus the other locations... so beautiful and lovely.
The plot - I LOVED EVERY PAGE!!! ACOMAF doesn't slow down for a single moment, no slow start like ACOTAR. Your minds will be blown people.
Yeah, so I'm already desperate for the next book, but I also don't mind the wait - I'll enjoy re-reading ACOMAF a few times during the next year :)


Okay everyone. ACOMAF was so awesome and what I loved most is listed below:
Rhys and Feyre mating bond: Yes people, just yes to this. We all suspected, but I didn't know how Sarah was going to do it, after everything that happened in ACOTAR, but I am completely satisfied and the profound nature of the mating bond completely wipes the slate clean for me. Tamlin and Feyre were just never going to work. Also, how could Tamlin lock Feyre away like that? I really like that Sarah has depicted the difference between an abusive relationship and a protective, but true love and trust relationship.
Plot: So many wonderful points - When Rhys saves Feyre from the wedding, the awesome times at the Night Court, when Rhys saved Feyre (sort of??) again from being locked away in the mansion, discovering Veradis, the huge scene when we meet the Inner Circle (Amren - epic times ahead people), The Weaver scene was awesome, Starfall was completely beautiful, the battle for Veradis (Feyre was AMAZING!!!), of course, the moment when Feyre found out about the mating bond, Rhys explaining everything and then the ending - IT DID INDEED BREAK MY HEART. Also, I though ACOTAR was steamy - ACOMAF is like, steamy to the power of infinity. Prepare for steamy moments - you have been warned.

Look, I just loved everything about this book - feel free to message me if you want to gush about it.

So, to some predictions:
Title: Ugh, A Court of...... I actually have no idea. Something might come to me soon.
Cover: Mmmm, red and blue have been done, soooo, purple? Yeah, I really want a purple cover.
Plot Points:
*Well, Rhys and Feyre getting back together, obviously (that will be the best reunion EVER)
*Feyre being very sneaky
*Lucien helping Feyre be very sneaky.
*Lucien and Elain talking about the mating bond
*Feyre being forced to have sexytimes with Tamlin (this makes me sad, but I think it will happen)
*Amren being awesome (along with Cassien, Azriel and Mor, of course)
*Tamlin becoming even more unhinged - seriously people, what happened to him?
*An amazing final battle.
*Nestra and Cassien having a mating bond (or Nestra finding a mate, one of the other)
*Feyre and Rhys returning home to Veradis and being the best and most powerful rulers ever.
So excited for the next book people!
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