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Reviewed in Australia on 14 June 2019
for about 50$ you get what you get, i needed a camera to catch a kid who has been stealing from my property & this seems like it will do the job as i am only renting.

Setting up the camera was a pain & took me about 20~ minutes with the camera constantly talking to me, it may as well have been going "Are you still there?" kinda annoying but i eventually got it.

there is a few cons to this cheap camera however. Cloud storage does not seem to work, The Motion trigger (Medium) Goes off when ever the wind blows something in the camera, so i will need to find a better position for it. The MicroSD storage also does not seem to allow me to access it via the phone either so i will have to check anything in the SD manually i suppose until i figure that part out.

Additional: The Night vision on my windows does not work. There is a ton of white dots on the window, even used some window cleaner & a cloth to wipe down the window & no results.

There is things in the app that are not explained, which may seem obvious to some & i wish it gave a more clear instruction on them.

For its price, its not bad but you could do better. I may grab a second one for the back of the house as well.
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