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Reviewed in Australia on 5 November 2020
What I found really odd about these is they begin pairing when you lift the lid on the case, not when you remove the headphones from the case as is expected.

It took me a while to set up the initial pairing with my phone but after the setup, the headphones connect pretty consistently provided you have remembered to charge them. This leads me to the other issue that I have. I've noticed that these headphones don't hold a charge for very long at all and noticed that the left earpiece always goes flat first. Even when I leave them unused for two days I find that the battery will need to be recharged before they can be used. Kind of annoying if you ask me.

One final annoying issue I have noticed is these headphones are extremely sensitive to the microwave; much much more than any other Bluetooth headphones I have used in the past. If there is a running microwave in the same room, these headphones will become unusable. If you stand right next to the microwave, the headphones will completely disconnect. I know this is a normal part of Bluetooth devices but the sensitivity of these Dudios headphones are next level.

The charging case shows its current charge via a series of LED light flashes. Again, this is kind of annoying; I'd much prefer a normal charge meter.

Having said all this, I have no issue with the sound quality.

1 month follow up: One month on and I thought I'd add a little follow up to my original review. I feel like I have no choice but to revise my score down to one star. The main issue for me is how quickly the battery goes flat, even when left unused. For some reason, these headphones require daily charging. DO NOT trust the other suspiciously positive reviews for this product. These are absolute trash and not worth buying at any price. The negatives far outweigh the few positive features.
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