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Reviewed in Australia on 27 July 2018
OK. So I LOVE fairytales in general. This one popped up on sale, I saw it was a fairytale adaptation so I was super excited. I'd just finished reading To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo and I loved it, so this seems like a nice step.

First off, I didn't hate it, I just felt a little bit meh. For me this definitely had The Cruel Prince vibes, and that wasn't really my cup of tea either. They both have that kind of split between humans and fae, where the humans are nice and the fae are generally not. I'm gonna lay it out there that I'm feeling a little over that trope.

I can definitely see how Sleeping Beauty influenced this, but how it was used just felt a little bit convenient. There wasn't much backstory or depth to the characters that really pulled me to care about any of them or their stories. Our main two characters, Luna and Phillip, had a LOT of insta-love that I was just not rooting for at all. We were also rocking a love triangle in there too.

The one thing that pulled it back a bit for me was the world-building. There are some really nice descriptions, particularly a nasty rose garden and Luna's cottage that made the world really vivid.

Overall though, I'm a character kind of girl and this one just fell a bit flat for me. If you loved The Cruel Prince though, I think you'd also enjoy this one.
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