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Reviewed in Australia on 2 September 2020
Over I'm very happy with my Echo Dot. Sound quality is great for music and podcasts but Alexa's voice is at a lower volume than the other audio so when you increase her volume, the music will blast when it comes back on. I find that very annoying and haven't found a way to adjust Alexa's volume separately from other audio. I think this might be possible with other Alexa devices but not the Echo dot.
There are some fun games to play, she's great at 20 questions and I enjoyed the escape rooms (though it can be frustrating at times when Alexa doesn't understand your commands and you're stuck though you actually are trying to do something that's required to escape but you're not using the right words to instruct her).

I can see how the dot could be even more useful in a bigger house and more rooms/other decices to connect to. I have a one bedroom apartment so my use of Alexa's features is limited.

I got used to Alexa very quickly and have been using the dot daily for music and podcasts. It's not life-changing but it's definitely fun and very easy to get used to. I'd recommend it. Setup was mostly intuitive and quite easy - I had some issues with voice recognition but that was resolved after reconnecting her to the Wifi and starting again.
I mostly use th dot for music playback and Amazon Music has a great selection. I also stream Spotify and it's been my main use for the dot. I purchased this through a promotion so only paid $10 - you can't complain for that price!
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