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Reviewed in Australia on 28 August 2020
I've been using this device as a means to connect my work laptop and my home computer to my personal monitors via a DisplayLink and all the devices I have connected during the lockdown due to COVID-19. I have the device as a direct link between them and have my headset, webcam, and then the DisplayLink directly into the switch, with my speakers, keyboard, mouse and monitors plugged into the powered Dell DisplayLink. I don't have the USB hub powered, it is only using the power supplied from my computer/laptop. Now the system works great, I can use my monitors and keyboard etc whilst I work and then switch over to my PC to game on at night. The main monitor is connected to my PC directly so I can take advantage of my on-board video card, but everything else is running through the switch. I have mostly no complaints, but I did have the switch glitch out on a few occasions which required me to disconnect the receiving USB (connection to my laptop and PC) to get it to start work again. Overall, fantastic product that provides a way for me to leave work at work, and then game to my hearts content.
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4.8 out of 5
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