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Reviewed in Australia on 21 May 2020
Having owned multiple top tier LVL wireless earbuds over the past few years I can say Ur getting a steal with the tozo t6s.
They offer comparable quality to headphones that are 3 and 4 times the price with little compromise. Touch controls are great, doing what U would want them to do. Play/pause skip/return and vol up/down plus call functions with a more than acceptable mic.
The ipx8 for the buds AND the case is awesome for active life and passive noise isolation is good enough to use as EAR PPE if needed!
Wireless charging is one icing on the cake for anyone with a wireless charger for their phone and the power share option on some phones letting you charge the buds from the back of your phone on the go is so great, not that ull need it much with 45+ hrs of use with a full case charge. Did I mention it's almost as small as the original airport case! It fits in the coin pocket or Ur jeans.
The buds sync perfectly with each other out of the box and can be used in mono/stereo on the fly by just putting one bud back in/out of the case. thats another thing they nailed with the magnetic 1st time every time placement.
They come with 5 different sized tips for Ur perfect fit and a 18mth warranty not to mention U can buy replacement case or even individual left or right buds if U manage to loose one.

On the cons. There are some, audio is a little out of sync for gaming but not near as bad as some others (I feel somewhere around 60-100ms delay) and in video it seems like it's a lot better and is Not really a noticeable issue at all in YouTube.
And no app, no customisation of controls or sound Thou U can get a 3rd party EQ for Ur phone if needed. That said I found that the out of the box sound was better than any balancing an EQ could create.
I'd love to see some top end features like active noise cancellation and transparency mode audio in maybe their next version and I'd pay more for it too, but again, at this price point some things are just daydreams so,
Bottom line. For $60 Ur getting something many $150 buds can't do with $100 left in Ur pocket. 100% recommend.
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