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Reviewed in Australia on 28 September 2020
“The only difference between lying and acting was whether your audience was in on it, but it was all a performance just the same.”

TW: Racism, transitioning & abuse

Oh @britrbennett, you got me good with this one! This was another read that I put off for quite a while as I was scared of the hype around it but I certainly wasn't disappointed!

The Vanishing Half is a story told from the perspectives of twin sister and their daughters and spans over four decades. Sisters Stella and Desiree were eager to leave their home is a small Louisiana town to start fresh in New Orleans. Within a few years of leaving, they separate and begin to live new lives of their own, never expecting to again reconnect in the future.

Brit Bennett does a magnificent job at exploring difficult topics such as race, gender, family and identity. She has created a fascinating story about two generations of a family as well as diving deep into the ideologies of the community.

Initially I was a bit thrown off by the way the book jumps around between characters, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to keep up with the story being told from so many different perspectives. However, each character's story unfolded so delicately and they all interlaced perfectly. No one's story resolved the way in which I was expecting it to but yet everything came together so nicely and made such perfect sense. Brit did a perfect job at crafting each character to make you feel like you know them & really make you connect with them and care - it gave me a sense of fear in some ways as there were so many things that could go wrong fro so many characters but it also carried a sense of hope.

I really enjoyed this read, it was done so nicely and I was fully invested. I am looking forward to giving this one another read down the track to fully piece together all of the stories and give me a grater appreciation for the full story. Overall I couldn't recommend this book enough, it is a great story which was something new and different to anything I have read before.
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